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We lived in South Africa for many years, but returned to the United Kingdom where our family originates from in 2001.  We retired to France at the end of 2011 where we now live

If any one can help with further information please contact Nigel and Diane Stuckey at the e-mail address below.

Nigel has a sister Hilary who is married and lives in Australia. Nigel's parents are Leonard and Stella Stuckey.  Leonard's parents and those of his two sisters, are George Stuckey (Born 1885) who was a train driver, and Lorna Kathleen Mary Southwell (parents unknown). George had a brother Howard (Born 1890).

The parents of George and Howard are :
Mother - Bonnie Nash (1858-1934) parents George Nash (b 25 Jun 1817)-Eliza Deacon (b 21 July 1824) And Father - Samuel Stuckey (Born 8 Oct 1860 in Clevedon) He was a grocer in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, U.K. Samuel (8 Oct 1860-14 Sep 1929) was apparently one of 8 children the others being:
(2)Thomas who was a soldier, (3)James who was a master baker in Bristol (4)John who was a master butcher in Bristol and sisters (5) Martha, (6)Mary, (7)Sarah and (8)Selina.
The parents of these 8 children were James Stuckey 1819-1885 (who appears to have been a farmer at Kingston Seymour, Somerset, England) and Elizabeth Knight (b1820 at Brislington). They were married in December 1839 in Newport.

April 2003

Thanks to information received from Australia, we have discovered that James is one of 8 children born at Kingston Seymour in Somerset. George (1814), John (1817), James (1819), Sarah (1821), Hannah (1823), Edward (1827), Job (1830), Mary Ann (1833). Their parents are John Stuckey (b 1 Feb 1789-d 1842) mother Sarah Wilkins. Further to this I have received news from Liz Bang, (nee Stuckey), and John's parents are, Charles Stuckey (1753-1823) married to Anne Fletcher (1759-1819). The latter we have checked with the Somerset Records office. They were married in Kingston Seymour on 23 Jan 1786.

December 2006 update - I have been contacted by a  relative, Graham, who has found the following information in the records at Huntspill in Somerset.   Thank you Graham for the contact.

Place Year Date of Baptism Name Parents  
Huntspill 1757 02 January Charles Isaac & Jane Stuckey

2008 - This has been looked at carefully by a relative still living in Kingston Seymour and he is almost certain this is Charles who is married to Ann Fletcher and the date of birth that we previously had was incorrect. 

2008 - October further information now takes us back one more generation to John father of Isaac.

E & OE


Second from the right at the back is the local vicar but it would be nice if we had his name as well.
Top left figure may be Henry Stuckey b 1815 d 1895 m Mary Griffin. He was son of Isaac Stuckey b 1787 who was son of Charles. All from Kingston Seymour , Som, Eng.

Apparently this photograph is mainly Stuckey family with some Griffins.  If anyone can identify any of the faces I would be grateful if you would contact me at the address below. 




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